How To Pass Listening Test Successfully

Do you know one important requirement that you must meet to apply for a visa to remain in the UK for a spouse? One of them is british life skills. The test mostly consists of speaking and listening. As a foreign language, the English listening test could be quite challenging. The difficulty that is usually encountered in listening tests is the difficulty of capturing all the words conveyed in dialogue. Sometimes, because of certain accents, it is difficult to guess what people are saying in the dialogue. Sometimes the dialogue given deceives us so we are confused about what to answer.


The following are some tips that can help you take the listening test. You need to watch out for distractors. What kind of distractors do you mean? For example, the words thirty and thirteen. This word can make you confused if you don’t listen carefully. In this case, there is no other way you can do than practice more to listen to the listening test dialogues. The more you practice, the more you will get used to and understand the types of questions and the types of dialog that will appear during the exam so that you can anticipate distractors that may appear.

The importance of synonyms. In the listening test, it is possible that the answer to the question given is not directly heard by you in the dialogue. For example, in dialogue, it is stated that his ability to play football is at the “middling” level, but in your question sheet, the choices given are beginner, average, good, and league. If you get a question like this, you are asked to be able to analyze the problem and think of synonyms from the answer. In this problem, the answer is average. Therefore, you need to understand the whole dialogue so that you can analyze what answers are most appropriate for the questions given.

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